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  Play the new 'King of the Hill' match mode in the Stronghold Legends Demo  
Stronghold Legends Demo available now!
Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Firefly Studios is proud to announce the release of the Stronghold Legends Demo. The demo puts you in charge of the forces of evil giving you a taste of some of the new units in the game including the Giant Demonic Bats as you fight off Werewolves, Vampiric Creepers and the mighty Black Dragon. Command your armies against the might of Vlad and Mordred in a battle to determine who is the rightful ‘King of the Hill'.

Download multi-language versions of the FireFly Studios' castle game Stronghold Legends Demo here.

The demo is also available from these fine websites…

3D Downloads
3D Gamers
Computer Games
Gameguru Mania
Gamers Hell
Strategy Informer

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