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Stronghold Crusader Extreme Walkthrough

Stronghold Crusader Extreme Trail Mission Walkthrough

1.  Look Out
2.  Bird in Flight
3.  Fury Bay
4.  Snake River
5.  Swampy Island
6. Phoenix
7.  Coastal Trap
8.  Wazirs Fortress
9.  Rivers Fork
10.  Enclosure
11.  Wide Open Plain
12. The Host
13.  Best Friends
14.  Spider island
15.  Divided
16.  Jealous Neighbours
17.  Three Little pigs
18.  Lion Heart
19.  Crossroads
20.  Ultimate Victory

Mission 1

Name  Lookout 
Opponents  Caliph "The Scorpion"
Allies   None 
 Human  6000 
 Computer 12000
  • The longer you take to complete this mission the harder it gets.
  • Speed is what's needed for getting this mission completed.
  • Place down a mercenary post right away and build as many horse archers as you can.
  • Remember to place hover to increase your population limit.
  • Send the horse archers over to kill all the enemy archers just as the castle is being built. Remember you can use your arrow volley if the outposts are getting in the way of your horse archers.
  • Once they've been dealt with you can either send in macemen that you can spawn if you saved up enough power or send in Arabic swordsmen to finish off the lord. Sending in macemen will be the quickest way.
  • You may wish to wall up your castle as some point to stop the slingers overrunning your castle.
  • If done fast enough there will be no need to wall it up. 
Mission 1 - Over running the Caliph

Mission 2

Name  Bird in Flight
Opponents  Emir Sapehr, Sheriff of Nottingham and Wazir "The Terrible"
Allies   Emir Omar
 Human  6000 
 Computer 6000
  • When you bar has filled up enough spawn macemen to destroy the outposts in front of your castle.
  • Build a wall to enclose your castle.
  • Build a few towers and fill them with archers at the bottom of the hill(see screenshot)
  • Rock Volley any outposts you see, you'll likely need two to destroy it, is possible with one though.
  • Take control of the central oasis area, send in some macemen, archer and/or crossbowmen along with some engineers to build some ballistae, these can be spawned with your tactical aid bar.
  • From this position you can now attack the Wazir, build some trebuchets to take out a few of his towers.
  • Once you've built up a good number of macemen and your tactical bar is full, rock volley his gatehouse then rush in your macemen, you should also try to take out any fire throwers you see.
  • One the Wazir is killed you now have a good opportunity to attack the sheriff, if you don't have enough troops wait till you've build up a few and follow the same steps as before for the Sheriff and the Emir. 


Mission 3

Name  Fury Bay 
Opponents  Wazir "The Terrible", Nizar "The Silent" Emir Omar
Allies   None
 Human  6000 
 Computer 12000
  • Defending your castle in this mission is real easy, place a wall at the far end on the very top of the hill. Then place two towers at either side of the wall (see screenshot 1)
  • Over time you'll need to fill these towers, first with archers then with crossbowmen.
  • Make sure you use the entire oasis to produce your goods; more goods mean more money you can make from selling the excess.
  • You'll gain a lot of spearmen from your outpost, these are very useful in attacking the Nizar, his moat can be filled in no time with them.
  • Once you've dealt with the Nizar you now have access to his iron, be aware that once you place iron mines the enemy will go for them first so protect them as much you can.
  • The outpost can be hard to reach with your troops so use your rock volley to destroy them. Once there all destroyed you should have no trouble with attacking the other two lords.

Mission 4

Name  Snake River 
Opponents  Emir Omar, Wazir "The Terrible", Nizar "The Silent", Caliph "The Scorpion" 
Allies   Abbot of Sterling
 Human  21000 
 Computer 60000
  • From the very start harass the Emir, build you walls really close to him with a tower over looking.
  • In that tower fill it with archers, buy the bows and if you don't have enough peasants spawn some spearmen then disband them.
  • Once the Emir is fully suppressed sent in some heavy duty troops, either macemen or Arabic swordsmen, either will do the job.
  • Now you can concentrate on defence, the Nizar will be sending his assassins at you your best defence is moat. Cover all your walls, to help you build it you can use all those spearmen that have spawned from your outpost.
  • Now build crossbowmen, if you'll likely have a heap of money so just buy the crossbows and leather armour to start with.
  • The Abbot by this stage is often overrun, you have the choice to save him but it can often be better to let him die, when he's under siege he send you gold so if you allow him to be under attack but keep him from dying he'll continually send you gold and lots of it. 
  • As time goes on take out all of the enemy outposts with your rock volley's or spare troops if they can get close enough.
  • Now you can take your time to kill each enemy lord one at a time.
  • For the Nizar, don't follow his maze path all the way round, just try to dig out the moat from the front of his castle, remember to rock volley those tower or archer volley them before you run in.
  • For the remaining lords use horse arches to encircle their castles, then run in macemen once it's clear, you may need a large number of horse archers to get both lords. Remember you can build them up faster by spawning spearmen then disbanding them.  

Mission 5

Name  Swampy Island
Opponents  Wazir "The Terrible"
Allies   None
 Human  6000
 Computer 24000
  • Slow the game down.  Quickly send your lord to the outpost on the right of your keep and then if you feel daring send him at the right outpost on the mainland.
  • Build an army of Macemen using all your gold to do this.  Send small squads (roughly 4/5) at outposts nearby and spawn Macemen as soon as you can.
  • Send them to the top left of the Wazir castle and build up a squad here (you shouldn’t need much more than twenty).  Send them to attack his gatehouse, using the arrow volley to eliminate fire ballista or archers.
  • Run them all at the Wazir as soon as they have smashed down the gatehouse.
  • You may wish to use heal on your Macemen instead of the arrow volley; heal maybe better in this case when doing this daring mission.

Mission 6
Name  The Phoenix
Opponents  Caliph "The Scorpion", Pig "Duc Truffe", Rat "Duc de Puce"
Allies   None
 Human  9000
 Computer 12000
  • Firstly, enclose your keep. Build around 33 macemen and spawn 10 knights send these at the Caliph and in the mean time build around 17 more macemen (just in case) and also send them to the Caliph.
  • Use arrow volley to kill off the Arabian archers. While, ignoring the outposts, use the macemen to directly attack the lord (try removing from aggressive stance).
  • Build quite a few fire ballistae facing the two remaining opponents, this should hold off attacks from the two opponents and the outpost.
  • Once you have it available to you, rock volley the outpost just above the rats castle.
  • Take out the pig using a group of macemen, knock down his gatehouse and run them at the lord. You may find them under fire from the rat’s archers; use an arrow volley to remove them. Once you have done this gather your macemen and charge them at the rat.


Mission 7

Name  Coastal Trap
Opponents  Sultan Abdul, The Rat, King Phillip I, King Phillip II, Marshal Sir Longarm
Allies   None 
 Human  30,000
 Computer 30,000
  • The 5 enemies only have 1 way of reaching your castle.
  • Wall off the entrance as soon as possible.
  • Use swordsmen that you start with to destroy the closest enemy outposts.
  • Use woodcutters to clear the trees to the east before cutting down the trees by the sea.
  • Use crossbows, fire throwers and archers on your walls to ward off the numerous attacks.
  • Catapults will fire on your walls regularly, use arrow volleys to destroy them.
  • There is a lot of farmland and iron available, use it all.
  • With roughly 200 macemen and 150 horse archers, you can move around all 5 enemies in one go, starting with the Sultan, moving on to King Phillip II, the Rat, King Phillip I and a final rush around the back of the Marshal's castle.

Mission 8

Name  The Wazir's Fortress
Opponents  Wazir "The Terrible"
Allies   Marshall Sir Longarm
 Human  6,000
 Computer 12,000
  • As soon as the mission starts, place a granary, barracks, armoury, mercenary camp, 2 hovels and a market.
  • Send the spearmen to destroy the outpost over looking your keep.
  • Wall all these buildings off separately; create a long thin section of wall leading to your keep, though do not enclose it. This will lure the Wazir's troops into a trap.
  • Line the walls with crossbow men (about 25), archers(about 25) and 4 fire throwers. This will create a deadly killing zone that a lot of the Wazir's troops will run into.
  • Continually ask the Marshal for gold; he won't always send it, but you will need all the gold you can get.
  • Once you have a rock volley, destroy the Wazir's outpost nearest the central fjords.
  • Spawn a group of 20 macemen, and move them up the side of the map to the outposts located near the edges, as they get closer, destroy the surrounding defending troops with arrow volleys to minimize damage to the macemen. Do this on both sides of the map, using rock volleys and arrow volleys when they become available.
  • Around about the time the outposts are destroyed, the Wazir will wall in the entrance to his fortress. This will give you a chance to build a good sized castle and farmland with little or no trouble. Use the gold stashes from the tactical aid bar and build a large group of farms and industries to create a huge army of macemen, horse archers, engineers and spearmen.
  • Once you have a large enough army, around 800 troops or so, create a large group of trebuchets just across the river and destroy the front two towers blocking the entrance to the fortress.
  • Once a breach is made, the Wazir will send a large army of horse archers, archers, and swordsmen at you, so have your army on either side of the central fjords.
  • After his army is killed, create a breach and run in half of your army, right up to his gatehouse. He will use fire throwers and archers to light pitch. Once the fire is cleared, send up the rest of your army and create a second breach at his gatehouse as your troops climb the path, and he will be overwhelmed.

Mission 9

Name  River Fork 
Opponents  Pig "Duc Truffe", Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheriff of Derby, Rat "Duc de Puce"
Allies   None 
 Human  6000 
 Computer 12000 
  • As soon as the mission starts go for the two Arabic outposts to the right of your castle, use your swordsmen and pikemen that you start with to destroy them
  • Once you've got them try and destroy the two Crusader outposts behind the walls. You start with quite a big of money so spend it by buying weapons to create macemen and archers.
  • When they have been destroyed you can now concentrate on some defence. While you were destroying the outposts you should have walled up your castle at each river crossing point. Now build a few towers across your castle (see screenshot 1)
  • At one side of the river you have the Rat and the Sheriff; on the other you have the Pig and the sheriff. The Sheriff and the Rat are the easiest to go after. You should be able to kill both with a band of macemen.
  • Now that they have been dispatched you can build up good defence at the other side of your castle (see screenshot 2)
  • The defence will allow you time to build up your power bar so you can rock volley the outpost behind the Sheriff's castle.
  • Take out the pig first, remember to use archer volley to take out all of his crossbowmen before you run in.
  • Finally attack the Sheriff, his castle is wide open for attack with fire ballistae, burn his castle down and then rush in for the kill.  

Mission 10

Name  Enclosure 
Opponents  Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheriff of Derby, Sheriff of Lincoln 
Allies   None
 Human  6000 
 Computer 6000 
  • Right from the start run one of your troops to the outpost with a wall surrounding it, make sure the troop is in front of the gatehouse to block the troops from getting out.
  • Place a square tower on top of the mound in front of your castle.  Fill it with archers and a ballista.
  • Then place a tower in the centre of your wall so it covers the rest (see screenshot 1)
  • Use your spearmen that spawn to destroy the outposts at the back of your castle, you will also need to block up the gap at the back of your castle, this should be done near the start.
  • Save up two rock volleys and hit the Sheriff of Derby's outpost that spawns Arabian swordsmen.
  • Use your troops that spawn to take out the enemy lords, rushing their castle with them will most likely do, start with Lincoln, then Derby and finally Nottingham.   

Mission 11

Name  Wide Open Plain 
Opponents  Wolf "Duc Volpe", Nizar "The Silent", Emir Omar, Caliph "The Scorpion" 
Allies   Lionheart Richard I, King Phillip I 
 Human  21000
 Computer 60000
  • Make the outer walls of your castle stretch out to the boundaries of your castle, the important thing about this is you'll be able to defend your allies and over look the wolf. 
  • You should concentrate your towers and defence to the north, buy bows and crossbows; this will allow you to over look and constantly harass The Wolf. See screenshot 1.
  • The AI will most likely head to attack King Phillip first since he never has time to start to fill in his moat before the attacks start, you can give him a little help but don't waste too much on him, and he's pretty useless if he does survive. 
  • If the Lionheart is ever in trouble you should defiantly help him. He will help you break into the wolf's castle eventually being able to kill him. 
  • With the wolf out of the way work your way round the lords, starting with the Nizar, make sure the conditions are right before asking the Lionheart to attack otherwise he will refuse.
  • If you need some extra oasis use the patch to the north of where Phillip is, of course only if he's dead. See screenshot 3.  

Mission 12

Name  The Host 
Opponents  Wazir "The Terrible", Marshall "Sir Longarm", Emir Omar, Sheriff of Nottingham, Lionheart Richard I, Pig "Duc Truffe", King Phillip I 
Allies   None 
 Human  6000 
 Computer 6000
  • First thing to notice is the outpost that is very close to your castle just across the river, use your swordsmen to destroy it. 
  • At one side start to build up archer on to of the hill, see screenshot 1.
  • At the other river crossing build a tower with a wall, see screenshot 2.
  • Now you have your defence set up build up your powers enough till you have a rock volley and use them against the outposts.
  • As time goes on you can use the large amount of spearmen you have attained from the outposts to attack one of the enemy, go for Phillip first he is very weak and will be taken out with ease.
  • When you get round to attacking the Emir try and have enough troops so you can attack the sheriff at the same time, once the Emir is dead the Sheriff's castle is very easy to get into.  

Mission 13

Name  Best Friends 
Opponents  Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheriff of Derby, Sheriff of Lincoln, Sheriff of Leicester, Lionheart Richard I
Allies   Wazir "The Terrible" 
 Human  9000 
 Computer 120000 
  • A few things you should know before you start this mission, there will be a large number of catapults bombarding your castle this means you should build double thick walls with crenulations with several layers. There are many different routes into your castle so don't over stretch your resources.
  • From the start build up a quick defence, you can spend your money if you need extra resources. Now buy maces and leather armour and create about 30 macemen, now rush at the sheriff of Lincoln, when you kill him you'll get a large amount of gold, so it doesn't matter if you spend your initial gold on building up your castle.
  • Now you have plenty of gold to spend on defence, buy loads of crossbowmen and archer and fill towers that should be spread around your castle, don't forget to defend the back just as much where all the iron and stone resources lie.
  • When catapults start to pound your castle try and either use archer volley or build macemen and send them out to destroy them.
  • The problem with using archer volley is you need to save up your power to take out some of the outposts. The most important one to take out is the one behind your castle.
  • Remember that if you're ever in real trouble to ask the Wazir to help, a lot of the time he will refuse but is very useful if he does help you.
  • Since you have all that gold you can now spend loads on build a heap more macemen to attack the Lionheart. He shouldn't be too hard to take; this will then mean you have even more gold.  

Mission 14

Name  Spider Island 
Opponents  Emir Omar, Nizar "The Silent", Lionheart Richard I 
Allies   None
 Human  30000 
 Computer 30000 
  • From the outset spend lots of gold on building macemen, if you can't get peasants fast enough spawn some spearmen and disband them. Use the macemen to destroy all the outposts next to you. 
  • Once they've been destroyed place a tower at the smallest point between you and the enemy lords, see screenshot one.
  • Build moat before and after the towers, if you haven't got any troops to get past the towers before you placed them spawn engineers, the engineers spawn range is further than other troops.
  • Build up your castle till your ready to attack, see screenshot to for a good way to let your troops out of your castle without deleting your towers.  

Mission 15

Name  Divided 
Opponents  Caliph "The Scorpion", Wazir "The Terrible", Caliph "The Jackal" 
Allies   Lionheart Richard I, Lionheart Richard II
 Human  6000 
 Computer 12000 
  • Throughout the start of the mission its likely you're going to struggle with getting resources such as wood and food. 
  • Spend the majority of your money on archers and a small castle with a few towers.
  • Save up your powers and rock volley the two outpost that spawn swordsmen, these are the ones on top of the hill furthest away from you, these outposts will cause you the most bother.  
  • When you get round to attack the enemy remember to ask both of the Lionheart's to attack as well.  

Mission 16

Name  Jealous Neighbours 

Rat "Duc De Puce", Abbot of Sterling, Snake "Duc Beauregard", Wolf "Duc Volpe", Pig "Duc Truffe"

Allies   None 
 Human  6000 
 Computer 6000 
  • Right from the get go send all you crossbowmen and pikemen to the outpost to your north, when they reach there a large group will spawn right away, this is where you need your crossbowmen to back up your pikemen. Use archer volley as well on them. With a bit of luck you should destroy it. 
  • Where those men are heading toward the outpost build walls to block off your castle, see screenshot one.
  • Its very important that you buy crossbows and leather armour, you may end up spending most of your gold but its imperative for your survival.
  • Make sure you try not to use any of your powers. You need to save them up to destroy an outpost at the back of the map. The outpost spawns swordsmen. Because it's at the edge of the map it can be hard to get and map take 3 rock volleys. Save it before you try and re-load the save if you don't take much damage off.
  • Another factor in securing your castle is building moat at the points at which it is possible. If you look at screenshot one you can see where you should build moat. This will divert all the enemies to two points making it easier to defend.
  • Once you secure in your castle start to build offensive troops. Just work your way round starting with the rat.  

Mission 17

Name  Three Little Pigs 
Opponents  Pig "Duc Truffe", Pig "Duke of Pigsbury", Pig "The Hog" 
Allies   None 
 Human  9000 
 Computer 120000 
  • From the get go get some moat up at the bottom of the hill on the right hand side, you may need to spawn in some spearmen and engineers to help build it, once the engineers are done make them build ballista's behind the moat, 
  • Above the moat you should have a tower that is filled with crossbowmen, use your starting gold to build about 40 of them. Remember you'll also need to defend the other side.
  • Once you've got the defence covered build up your powers so you can destroy all the outposts with rock volleys. 
  • When all the outposts are gone you can easily build up your attack force without too much bother.  

Mission 18

Name  Lionheart 
Opponents  Lionheart, Richard I
Allies    None
 Human   6000
 Computer  24000
  • Move the Lord up near the oasis, towards the top of your castle and create a large amount of wall around him. This should keep him safe from attack.
  • Place a wall around your keep/Lord this will keep the lions at bay, as the map contains so many they could kill your villagers and Lord.
  • Next place a wall around your this area and leaving enough room for some oasis and stone as well, build a quarry and wheat farm.
  • Spawn 20 Macemen and use them to attack the first two Arabian outposts at the bottom of the Lionheart’s castle. You may need to use arrow volleys to remove any archers who, you may kill the macemen before they attack the outposts.
  • Create Crossbowmen and fire throwers and place them at the front of your second wall. Try to aim to around 35 crossbows and 12 fire throwers and some archers. This should keep the attacking swordsmen at bay, although they may be able to do some damage to your walls, ensure you keep repairing them.
  • Spawn some engineers and create fire ballista’s, keep doing this until you have a bunch of them, this will help remove attacking swordsmen quicker and help later on attacking the Lionheart.
  • Destroy the attacking catapults with arrow volleys, before they have time to attack you.
  • Destroy the two European outposts with rock volleys, this may take a couple of tries but they need to be removed.
  • To attack the Lionheart’s castle, slowly move your fire ballista forwards, along with the crossbowmen. Now spawn around 40 Macemen and attack the four towers with arrow volleys to destroy the siege equipment. Send in the Macemen using the fire ballista as cover. Knock down a tower and charge them in at the Lord.

Mission 19

Name  Crossroads 
Opponents  Emir Omar, Emir Sapehr, Wazir "The Terrible", Caliph "The Scorpion", Nizar "The Silent"  
Allies   None
 Human  21000 
 Computer 60000
  • Right away move your swordsmen towards the Nizar, also move your archers to the towers that's closet to the Nizar. When your power has built up spawn some macemen outside of your moat and rush them towards the Nizar as well. It shouldn't be too hard to kill him off. Once that is done use your swordsmen and macemen to destroy the three outposts beside him, two are to the right the other to the left and a little south.
  • Remember to place a drawbridge, on your two gatehouses.
  • There is going to be a lot of troops storming to your castle, so you don't have to time to build weapons, create about 100 crossbowmen, maybe even a bit more. The main attack will be to the front of your castle. Try not to use your powers, let them build up so you can rock volley the outposts. Go for the slave ones to start with, then try and find the one that causes you the most bother.
  • The large amount of slaves will likely have dug out quite a bit of your moat, rebuild it as fast as you can.
  • Try and get another wall that sites beyond your moat, this will create a buffer which will slow the AI's attack, once the wall has been breached the AI will just use the entrance this will allow you to concentrate your defence on that area.
  • All through this mission you likely be short on food and wood. Buy wheat and just create bread, buy any wood you require. You have a fair bit of stone and iron resources use as much as possible. This will be your main source of income.
  • Your not likely going to be able to mount a successful attack until you've taken out all of the outposts. Once this is done you can use the same tactics used in previous missions.  

Mission 20

Name  Ultimate Victory
Opponents  Saladin "The Wise", Saladin "The Just", Richard Lionheart I, Richard Lionheart II
Allies   None
 Human  12,000
 Computer 6,000
  • When the mission starts, place a market, armoury, barracks and a hovel. Disband the starting spearmen, buy 20 maces and leather armour and build 20 macemen.
  • Rush the macemen as fast as possible at Saladin "The Wise" in the south-east corner. If you rush them straight at him and use the healing aid from the tactical aid bar you should be able to take him out, and 3 outposts with him.
  • You should be able to use these macemen to take out Saladin "The Just"'s outpost just north of the now dead Saladin's position.
  • Wall off the northern, eastern and southern uphill path leading to your keep. For the western entrance, build a path through 3 sections of walls, but do not close this off. This will set a kill zone for the enemy troops. They will try to attack from this side.
  • Build 40 archers and 25 crossbows and position them on the walls off the trap. Place 4 fire throwers at different positions on these walls, this will allow them to set enemy attacking troops alight inside the kill zones.
  • Start to build up an economy, with 4 fletchers. Set a rendez-vous point for archers that you create near the trap, and continually create new archers when gold and bows are available, to replace any as they are picked off from the walls by enemy troops.
  • As long as your troops are holding off all the enemy attacks as they head at the killing zone to the west, start to use rock volleys on the enemy outposts. Start off by destroying the Saladin's outposts, as these produce archers and are the biggest threat to your defending ranged troops, then moving on to destroy the Lionheart's outpost producing swordsmen and catapults in the south west, then the macemen outpost in the north west corner.
  • Once the outposts are destroyed, you can begin to build up a more stable economy.
  • Use the gold stash bonus from the tactical aid bar to buy more essential resources and weapons and begin to build a siege army.
  • With a siege army built, you can move round the 3 remaining enemy with little to stand in your way. Use rock volleys to destroy their ramparts, ranged troops to provide cover and melee troops to kill the Lord.


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