Kingdoms Crusader 2
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The Rat 
The Rat combines appallingly poor skill in managing a castle with a shockingly naive grasp of military tactics.  Making him one of the most useless opponents in the game!
Castle:  Not much can be said about the Rat's castle. He never builds any towers, never crenellates his walls. A lot of the time only uses a single thick wall. Making it extremely easy to smash down and break into. 
Troops Used:
Spearmen and Archers
Strengths: None
Weakness: Inability to build a castle or produce any type of strong troops.
Aliases: Rat, Duc de Puce
Rat, "The stoat"
Rat, "The Weasel"
Rat, "The Ferret"
Rat, Duc Camembert
Rat, Duc Souris
Rat, Duc Morceaux
Rat, Le Grand Froma


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