Kingdoms Crusader 2
Stronghold Crusader Tactical Powers

Arrow Volley

Arrow storm unleashes hell upon your enemy's troops in a devastating volley. This power will be used the most often, keeping the enemy forces at bay and clearing the enemy's towers for a safer entry to their castle.


Field Hospital

This power will allow you to partially heal your troops when out in the battlefield. Use this when your troops are at their weakest to give them an extra lease on life.



Quickly dispatch a group of spearmen to your aid. Useful for quickly getting up a moat around your castle or a quick defence before you have any walls up.


Engineer Team

Set up some siege equipment at a moments notice with a group of engineers at your disposal. Great for manning the ballista's and mangonel's of your castle towers. Set up a siege before the enemy has time to react.


Macemen Squad

These fast and effective macemen can be the backbone of a great attack or a last ditch attempt at defending your castle and your lord. Macemen are also very effective at destroying siege equipment and digging moat.


Uncover Gold Horde

Short of a bit of gold to get your economy back on its feet? Never fear there's always a pot of gold somewhere you just need the power to find it!


Call for Knights

Call upon one of the most powerful units at your disposal. Great for sending them out on a mission to destroy enemy outposts and killing any enemy troops out of range of your archers.


Rock Volley

The ultimate in castle destroying power! Bring down outposts and enemy castles in one click. Great for opening a breach in the enemy's castle walls or bringing down one of their towers.


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