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Firefly Studios' STRONGHOLD is the culmination of our long-standing desire to create the ultimate castle building game.
It is a unique cross between a city builder and a real time strategy game. The key to the game is the castle; designing it, managing it and defending it.
Each of these elements has its place in STRONGHOLD and you will need to consider all of them to become an expert player.

  • Design and Build Mighty Castles
  • Run a medieval economy
  • Take control of great armies
  • Siege and be sieged
  • Devise tactics to vanquish your enemies
  • Crush your online friends


  •  Play a feudal lord in the world's most amazing castle-construction set. - PC Gamer
  • Firefly Studio's STRONGHOLD is an exciting blend of strategy and simulation of a quality unmatched by most developers' first releases. 89 out of 100 - GameSpy

  • Fans of the RTS genre should seriously consider taking this one off of store shelves. It won't be a disappointment. 8.7 out of 10 - IGN



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